How to Stay Motivated With a Chronic Disease Like Cold Agglutinin

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by Emily Malcolm, PhD |

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People with cold agglutinin disease (CAD) can feel a loss of control over their lives after being diagnosed with this chronic disease that targets the immune system.

Dealing with new physical challenges brought about by chronic pain, and fatigue can make it hard for patients to stay motivated. Here are some tips that may help you in these times:

Take the day one step at a time

When you feel exhausted, it can be daunting looking at all the things that you have to do before you can rest or go back to bed. Try focusing on one thing at a time, and taking things one step at a time.

Set small goals

Be realistic — set small goals, or break large tasks into smaller pieces that are easier to tackle. Try to get rest in between if you can.

Set aside time to rest

Plan time in your day to rest or relax — and then use that time to actually rest and relax! Don’t spend your rest time worrying about what still has to be done. Focus on resting when it’s time to rest.

Do positive things for yourself

Planning small “rewards” for yourself can help you stay motivated. Make plans with a friend, take a short walk, or do something for self-care. A good support network can help everyone encourage and motivate each other.

Remember you are not failing

Setbacks and flareups of symptoms can make it much harder to do things you need and want to do. Be compassionate with yourself. Remember that setbacks are not the same thing as failure and that being tired doesn’t mean that you are “lazy” or “useless.”


Last updated: Nov. 8,  2019


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